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Four Subaru models have defined the adrenaline-driven life of pro snowboarder and filmmaker Seth Hill.

For a certain breed of owners, cars are avatars, icons that present personality clues and help to paint a portrait of the person behind the wheel.

Seth Hill, 30, falls firmly into that category. Pro snowboarder, road warrior, filmmaker, photographer, father of a baby girl named Rowan Skye, Hill is a Subaru guy through and through. Four models have figured heavily in the past 15 years of his life. 

A professional snowboarder for more than a decade, Hill earned first place at events like the U.S. Revolution Tour in 2011 and was named the Superpark Standout by Snowboarder Magazine in 2012. He turned his camera toward the lives – and passion – of professional riders in his five-part documentary, Really Gotta Wanna.

But let’s start at the beginning and bring things right up to the current day, in which Hill works 
as a videographer creating content for digital media.

It’s not like we’re doing this to make tons of money or live some sort of crazy life. We’re all just doing this for the fun.

The Green Machine: 1993 Impreza Sport Hatchback 

“I grew up in a small town in southern Oregon. In high school, I was a snowboarder. There is a local mountain about 45 minutes from my house. But the access road was kind of rough and always snowy. When I turned 15 and it was time for me to get my first car, an all-wheel-drive vehicle was a no-brainer due to that access road. I found a 1993 Impreza Sport hatchback. It was this crazy color of green – Mermaid Green, or something. [Ed. note: It was likely Blue Green Metallic.] I was a bit of a jokester in high school, so it fit me perfectly. It had everything I needed. I had the subwoofer and classic spinners on the wheels and an ahooga horn. It stood out as a car, but it also embodied me.”

The Dream Car: 2002 WRX "Bug-eye" Hatchback

“I drove the Impreza through all of my years of serious snowboarding. After high school, I eventually moved to Boulder to go to University of Colorado, and I also spent a lot of time snowboarding. In the summer of 2007, I moved to San Francisco for an internship at Yahoo! That was the same year that a spot opened up on the SIMS Snowboards Team. I did the internship, then moved right up into the mountains, in Breckenridge, Colorado, and started on a full pro contract with SIMS. I’d made some good money at Yahoo!, so I went and bought myself a silver 2002 WRX hatchback, a bug-eye. It was my dream car at the time. I modified it a bit, made a turbo swap and some other alterations in a friend’s garage. To an enthusiast, Subaru is a great car to work on.” 

Hill, Lacey and Jake road tripping in Lacey’s 2010 Forester.
Hill, Lacey and Jake road tripping in Lacey’s 2010 Forester.

The Lovemobile: Lacey’s 2010 Forester

“During college – and to this day, in fact – my then-girlfriend Lacey had a 2010 Forester. Not too long after we started going out, we did a two-week road trip. It was one of the things that really brought us together. We went from Colorado all the way to the West Coast. We went to Lake Powell, in Utah, then through Bend, Oregon, and continued west and drove down the 101. We made it to Big Sur and the redwood forests, and then rode back around to Colorado. It was a grand camping trip, living out of the Forester for two weeks. It inspired us to move in together. If you can spend two weeks living in a car together, we realized, you should probably live together. Now we’re engaged.”

The Family Car: 2005 Outback XT 

“In 2015 I was still driving the WRX. But unfortunately, it was totaled in an accident. Bad as it was, it turned out OK. I got to upgrade. Now I’m in a gold 2005 Outback XT. It’s perfect for me. Gets me everywhere I need to go, safely, with the family. That’s the thing about a Subaru; there are so many aspects to it. The performance aspect – I like that part of it. But what it comes down to is having a reasonably priced, reasonably fast car that is also safe and reliable and can go anywhere.”

Hill’s 2005 Outback XT
Hill’s 2005 Outback XT