Subaru Motorsports App


Version 12.1

As an adrenaline junkie, you have dreamt of piloting the WRX STI for Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA). You position yourself on the sideline, waiting for the Subaru to come roaring through, spraying dirt in its wake.

You lean forward, trying to get the first glimpse of the Subaru emerging through the cloud of dust, racing toward the win.

The smell of burnt rubber after a victory lap has you wanting more. Here is your all-access inside view to every event – the Subaru Motorsports app.

Swiping from left to right gives you the ability to adjust the camera angle dynamically while the video is playing. 


The Subaru Motorsports app provides an experience like no other – a 360° view. Cameras are positioned on each rally and rallycross car, putting you in the heat of the action: squealing tires, chirping engines, and the launch of the jumps – all from the safety of your tablet or smartphone.

Even better, this app allows you to do something the drivers can’t do: swivel the camera view around and watch the competitors battle behind you while your virtual Subaru confidently surges forward.


Take the race to the next level. Through the lens of a virtual reality headset, you drive the experience, cresting over the hill and narrowly escaping the tree.  

The app is compatible with a range of headsets, from the low-cost Google®Cardboard version to any one of a number of high-end versions, but all will let you experience the excitement as you plow through to the finish line. At the end, the only things you will be missing are the dirt and gravel clinging to your own Subaru.

Get More Action

Take a break from driving. Immerse yourself in all the goodies and details from the latest news, team updates, event previews, victory celebrations, and recaps – life is grand on the road with SRT USA. And, not only are these available on the app, but they also are on the Subaru Motorsports website. 

There’s nothing like a 1920 x 1080 image of a Subaru to brighten your day. The beauty of a 550-plus-horsepower Subaru flying through the air, riding on two wheels, and splashing through the water pumps your blood. Find close-ups from each event, highlighting your favorite drivers, cars, and race venues, perfect for planning your next race destination – put that on your bucket list.

To help you navigate through all the fun and excitement, each piece has an icon indicating additional exclusive experiences.

Lose track of time checking out the specs for the rally and rallycross cars and bios of all our favorite drivers and co-drivers. Did you know Craig Drew was British tarmac rally champion? Or did you know that Sverre Isachsen won the European RallyCross Championship for three years running? 

And then there are videos and more videos. Since you can’t get enough “Launch Control,” watch the latest episode or catch up on the entire series.

What’s the Deal with VR Headsets?

The Subaru Motorsports app is created to be compatible with VR (virtual reality) headsets. By doing this, the world through the app explodes into life. Everything is more real, giving you a front-row seat to the intense action that you can’t get anywhere else.

Currently, compatible sets include:

It’s certainly a game-changer in motorsports media and we’re excited to be leading the way.

Want to Make Your Own?

This is the perfect activity for when the weather won’t cooperate with playing in the garage. 

  • You will need: cardboard, lenses, magnets, Velcro® and a rubber band.
  • Download the template and instructions.
  • Decorate it in your best Subaru colors and decals.

Send us a photo of your finished product to Subaru Insider.