Very Favorable Odds


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For one guy, Las Vegas proved to be very lucky – he walked away with the keys to a shiny new 2015 Subaru WRX STI Launch Edition, and his first Subaru.

One in a Million

A few months ago, Rick Escueta was casually shopping for car parts on eBay® when he came across the promotion for the 2015 WRX STI giveaway from eBay Motors®.

“I thought it was a one in a million shot and would never win it,” recalls Escueta. Nonetheless, he created a profile on the eBay Garage – and just like that was entered in the sweepstakes. Posting his car for sale earned him another entry.

As fate would have it, Escueta received a message about being a potential winner on his eBay Garage account after the end of the promotion period, but he was skeptical and was ready to dismiss this message. Then he thought, “It could be legitimate.” He paused for a bit and collected himself before he responded. (Lucky for him he did!)

On November 4, 2014, Escueta and his wife, Melissa, attended the Red Bull Global Rallycross race. There he received the keys to this gold-wheeled beauty.

Stunning First Impressions

All his skepticism faded when he first saw this WRX STI in person. “Wow! It is true. For a long time I’ve dreamt about getting my dream car,” he professes.

His dream car is proving to live up to his expectations and all its hype. “It’s amazing. It rides so smooth. The suspension is really stiff; same thing with the clutch,” reveals Escueta. “It handles the roads extremely well. It corners insane. The acceleration is phenomenal.” And those impressions are from only having owned it a month.


He is looking forward to breaking it in and pushing the limits of the vehicle a bit more, along with taking it for a skyline drive. “It is meant to be on the open road,” he explains as he describes the first long drive he is planning to take with his cousin, who will be driving his Subaru WRX.  

Still Dreaming

Many of us dream of winning – anything at this point – but never could have imagined our first brand-new Subaru being handed to us. But Escueta claims reality has set in for him.

Must be nice to walk away from Vegas with an extra jingle in your pocket.

To Mod or Not?

“I’ve added a few personal touches but the car is good as is,” he explains. He intends to make a few modifications, just not yet, and plans to start with an exhaust, downpipe, and up pipe.

So what will he do with this model? Stay tuned.

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