Built to Thrill!



Take a step behind the scenes of the Baby Driver WRX build.

By this point, Baby Driver has been elevated to mythic car-fan status, turning a whole new generation onto cars the way Smokey and the Bandit did in the 1970s. Of course, tons of work went on behind the scenes to make the car just as big of a star as its driver, Ansel Elgort. We had a chance to talk to Patrick Manalastas at Allpro Subie in Alpharetta, Georgia – the independent Subaru shop that built the car (cars, actually) – and he graciously sent along the photo gallery you see below.

Allpro Subie launched in 2009 when Subaru Master Technician Brandon Lostetter founded his own shop. It started off as more of a Subaru-specific maintenance shop, but quickly became recognized in North Georgia as a performance and parts shop. 

Depending on which scene you’re watching, you can be looking at one of three Subaru WRX models, says Manalastas. “All three cars had their interiors changed so they matched,” he says. All three were also different colors. “The production bought two cars from us in February of 2016. The other car was shipped to us for us to work on.” One car was just used as a “buck” (a stripped-out, stationary car used for particular scenes) for interior shots, so, aside from the paint color and the interior swap, it wasn’t modified. The second car was a WRX that had a full STI driveline swap, and a tune from DBW Motorsports in Cumming, Georgia. “We built a third car to perform the stunts that the production wanted,” says Patrick. “That 360-degree spin required that we build an STI with rear-wheel drive.” That car also had an STI engine with a tune from DBW Motorsports. 

Make no mistake that these cars have touched a nerve with Subaru performance fans. After the production completed, two of the cars went to auction. The rear-drive car – which performed all those amazing stunts and had a few bumps and scratches to show for it – sold for nearly $70,000 on eBay.